merely existing.

In light of recent tragedies (Boston Marathon, Newtown, friends and family battling cancer, all the other crazy shit that happens in this world), I’ve been thinking a lot about how precious our time on this earth is and how nothing, NOTHING in the future is promised to us. Anything can happen at any second. Because of this, one question has been stuck in my mind all morning:

Am I living my life or am I merely existing?

Through my happiness experiment I’ve tried really hard to stay present, focus on the moment and have gratitude for all the little things I experience each day. And yet each evening I find myself so zombified after a long commute that all I want to do is look at Pinterest and go to bed by nine. The only hours of my day I truly have for myself, wasted.

It’s too easy to think, “I’ll do it tomorrow/this weekend/next month/someday.” But what if tomorrow never comes? (You’re welcome for the Garth Brooks earworm by the way.) Would I be satisfied with what I’ve accomplished to this point? Were my last words – spoken and/or written – kind? Did I spend enough time with my family? Does everyone important to me know how much I love them? Most importantly, was I happy? If I’m truly living my life, the answers will be Yes.

Guess I have some work to do. Starting today, obvs. I’m curious, are you living your life or are you merely existing?


About sarahkscoular

Sarah K. Scoular (@sarahkscoular on twitter) has 15 years customer service experience including face to face, over the phone and via digital interactions. Sarah is currently Enterprise Community Manager for uCern, the enterprise 2.0 social platform where Cerner Associates and Clients connect and collaborate. She ensures the 100,000+ member network is connecting people with others in similar roles or special interest groups, sharing information and finding answers to the questions they're looking for. Sarah helps others who are helping to revolutionize Health Care. Outside of work, Sarah is the wife of a graphic designer/laser engraver and the mother of seven-year-old Madeleine. She loves to cook clean, plant-strong foods and is a certified yoga and Les Mills BODYFLOW instructor.
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