#sendskoolatotheSuperBowl or Operation: Send Bill and Neal Scoular to the Super Bowl

It’s finally here!

The weekend my husband Bill has been waiting for, well, all of his life. Bill and his dad Neal are headed to the Super Bowl! Ok, he informed me that would be true if it were Denver (Bill’s team) and the Saints (Neal’s team) playing but whatever. They are like two kids on Christmas morning!

If you haven’t been following the story, please read my post #sendskoolatotheSuperBowl to see how Neal won the tickets and how Social Media assisted in getting them there.

The newest development – Neal won another contest, sort of. Johnsonville (the sausage company) sent an email to customers asking if they are throwing a Super Bowl party or if they are attending the Super Bowl. Neal tried to select ‘going to the Super Bowl’ but the link was broken; he emailed the company back to inform them. Johnsonville immediately replied with a link to a questionnaire, asking about the circumstances surrounding his trip to the big game. Neal proceeded to share the story of his “scheming daughter in law” who raised money for airfare through “tweeter and facebook”. A representative from Johnsonville called Neal to confirm the authenticity of the story, realized it was true, said “that’s awesome!” and overnighted a Johnsonville prize pack. The Johnsonville branded duffel bag includes hats, beads, a flip cam and 2 VIP tickets to their tailgate party!

Johnsonville, like all of you, are interested in following this story. Bill has promised to take lots of pictures and live tweet his experience using the hashtag #skoola2SB. You can follow him on twitter @skoola and when he returns we’ll upload photos to sarahkscoular’s photostream on flickr. Watch for a full blog post here shortly after he recovers.

Bill and Neal fly out tomorrow morning at 6:05 and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you. I hope you follow along and enjoy this experience with them!

Update: Bill and Neal made it safely to Dallas this morning and are already rubbing elbows with celebrities. They met Steelers Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swan at the rental car pickup!


About sarahkscoular

Sarah K. Scoular (@sarahkscoular on twitter) has 15 years customer service experience including face to face, over the phone and via digital interactions. Sarah is currently Enterprise Community Manager for uCern, the enterprise 2.0 social platform where Cerner Associates and Clients connect and collaborate. She ensures the 100,000+ member network is connecting people with others in similar roles or special interest groups, sharing information and finding answers to the questions they're looking for. Sarah helps others who are helping to revolutionize Health Care. Outside of work, Sarah is the wife of a graphic designer/laser engraver and the mother of seven-year-old Madeleine. She loves to cook clean, plant-strong foods and is a certified yoga and Les Mills BODYFLOW instructor.
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4 Responses to #sendskoolatotheSuperBowl or Operation: Send Bill and Neal Scoular to the Super Bowl

  1. Debbi says:

    That is so cool about Johnsonville! I’m impressed with your father-in-law’s ability to win these contests. Looking forward to following @skoola’s live tweets and the pictures. I hope they have a great time! Thanks for keeping us all informed.

  2. Jason Jantz says:

    Holy cow! This story just keeps getting better. I am totally sold on the power of social media now! And I may just develop an online contest registration habit too!

  3. If this doesn’t help people figure out how powerful social media is, I don’t know what will! Thanks for a great look at how ordinary people can benefit wildly from twitter and facebook. Have fun @skoola2SB!!!

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